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I am a Mom of two very busy, enthusiastic, and creative boys. I am grateful to be a daily witness to them. Printing, Identifying, and making numbers will continue to be my focus. Here are some activities I will be doing this upcoming week. This site is meant to be a resource for K teachers who are or will be implementing the National Common Core State Standards. Turn static math drills into dynamic activities to keep kids having fun but practicing what they need to. How is this for a Math Workstation

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I am so glad you blogged about this. I get asked all the time if I do centers and how I do them. I LOVE doing small groups, but I refuse to spend a lot of time setting up different centers each week.

10 fun Halloween-themed literacy and math centers for preschool and kindergarten. No tricks, only treats, in this pack!

Digital math activities can be so much more than just entering an answer in a text box. In fact, digital math activities can be “hands-on” just like math centers. This post will share one of my new favorite digital math activities: Mystery Pictures with free basic multiplication practice ones to use right away! Read More.

Decimals can be tricky for some students. To help, I use re-teaching as needed and regular review. An easy teaching resource to use for review and re-teaching are task cards. This post shares a free set of decimal task cards that reviews 5th grade decimal skills, along with ideas for using this decimals review with 4th and 6th grade students.

Using the Free Decimals

12 Fun Math Center Activities That Will Engage Your Class ALL Year! (Free File)

Ideas for apple math activities for your kids. This article includes free numbered apple circles and many ideas to us them. Perfect for your apple theme units and lesson plans. It may not feel like fall here in Texas, but the season is upon us. It is nearly time for apple orchards, apple pie, apple cider, and of course, apple math activities.

On this page, you’ll find photos of math games and free printable directions for several of them. You can see how to store and organize these math partner games.

Hello There! There are a ton of big ideas that help students understand the counting process as well as develop their cardinality skills. Students explore counting using objects or math manipulatives. They learn numbers with objects, drawings and discussions! Students build the number on the card using links. You may need to model how to talk about what you are doing, especially when it comes to math. It is just as important to get the right answer as it is to explain how you got the right answer!

Your fingers are a five frame and a ten frame and can help you decompose numbers! This number puzzle help students practice counting with their fingers.

Missing Numbers Free Printable

Here is the challenge- you are working with students who are functioning at a vast array of levels. You are continually trying to figure out how to differentiate materials and keep it all interesting. This is no easy task. Good News- This post will make your life easier! Below you will see 10 Math Centers with activities that, once printed, can be used several ways to address the needs of your students.

I use a recording sheet from my Math Centers pack to guide what and free resources that are just-right for your guided math classroom!

Every year about this time, I start to notice my students getting bored with the same usual math centers. That means I need to go online and start hunting down new math center ideas to find something that will hold their interest, but also teach them a thing or two about math. They are activities you can implement without any purchase of my products — for any concept! Card Games. Most classrooms have at least one set of cards, but if not, you can find them at the dollar store.

There are a variety of games you can have your students play and still practice their math concepts. For instance, remove the face cards and the aces and then have students play any variation of top-it.

Grades K-1: Interactive Math Centers

Research says that in order to develop a strong understanding of quantity, and how to manipulate quantities, children need plenty of counting opportunities. Eventually, counting needs to become automatic. Within these centers, students practice various Common Core standards. Your students will be counting with one-to-one correspondence, writing numbers to 1o, counting on from a given number, and more! Use digital kindergarten math centers on a classroom computer or tablet.

Print out these three printables add some mini erasers and you have fantastic math center activities or math tray ideas for your preschool class.

In this article, I’m sharing everything you need to know in order to make Math Centers a success in the classroom. Plus, download free printable math activities and math games that can be used in centers! One of the hardest things to do is change the way we teach. We learn in educational programs that engaging students with each other and individualizing instruction are some of the keys to keeping students on track. One of the solutions to getting out of this pattern of whole group instruction is the use of rotations and Math Centers.

Those of us teachers who are of an age that our teachers in elementary and middle school did not employ math centers or rotations sometimes struggle to grasp how math instruction can be made more engaging by using these techniques.

Lots of FREE Math Resources!

We are continuing to build our collection of seasonal math centers geared towards fourth and fifth grade classroom. If there is a skill you would like to see us cover in the next set, please let us know. The link to download the complete set of printables can be found by clicking on the link towards the bottom of the post. We suggest printing in color and laminating for durability. Use at your math centers or for some engaging review morning centers as your students come into the classroom.

Students take turns rolling a die and moving.

Add plastic tweezers to this activity to give children more fine motor practice. Check out all the ways you can use these apple free printables for apple math.

Looking for some K-2 math activities to make math a little more fun and interactive? Be sure to check out all the freebies in this series below! K-2 learners often need math to be interactive and hands-on so they can build their understanding of the basic math concepts. In this K-2 math printable series, Playdough to Plato , The Measured Mom , and I are sharing easy games and activities that can add spice to your math curriculum, math centers, or math practice at home with your own child ren.

While these activities are categorized by grades, please note that younger or older children may benefit from these activities, too. For example, you preschooler might be ready for some of the Kindergarten activities, while your 3rd grader may need review with an activity labeled for 1st grade. Welcome Blog Shop Learning Apps. K-2 Math Activities K-2 learners often need math to be interactive and hands-on so they can build their understanding of the basic math concepts.

Positional Words Activity.

50 Free, Hands-On, and Fun Math Activities for 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Students

One thing I know for sure is that our use of math manipulatives is going to look very different. I decided to get a head start and create a printable math manipulative pack. It may be my favorite thing that goes on my my classroom, no matter the grade level! This is a big jump for many students. We are asking them to shift from counting with one-to-one correspondence to counting groups.

We are asking them to understand that ten ones are the same as one group of ten.

Shapes; Counting Grid Games; Dice Counting Mats; Number Mats; Counting Cards; I Spy Counting Games; Other Counting Activities; Mini Eraser Math Packs​.

If you are on the search for fun math activities, look no further. These activities designed for 3rd, 4th and 5th-grade students are engaging and free. I love teaching upper elementary children. With that said, I love the way early elementary classrooms are set up. The centers, games, and hands-on activities make me as excited as a child at Christmas time. I wanted my upper elementary math class to have the same fun and exciting math activities that our younger students get to experience.

My life has changed, as I now have the privilege of teaching my own children who are in the process of memorizing addition and subtracting facts, telling time, and counting money. Here are some of the hands-on, free, and fun math activities you can find on my blog! Have you subscribed yet? If not, leave your address to get the latest and newest freebies we have to offer.

Subtraction with regrouping can be a challenge for even third and fourth-grade students. Providing these children with fun classroom activities is important and a great way to help them develop place value understanding and a deeper understanding of subtraction.

EASY PRESCHOOL Math : Ten Frame Activities