ANALYSIS – UAE, Israel develop discreet ties under UN agency cover

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1,100-year-old treasure is unearthed by teenagers in Israel

Popovich has given no indication that he wants to continue his career anywhere besides San Antonio, but the Nets will explore the possibility of luring the Spurs legend to Brooklyn, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic. As Charania details, the Nets have a number of connections to Popovich and the Spurs, with general manager Sean Marks , assistant GM Andy Birdsong , and assistant coach Tiago Splitter among those who previously worked with or played for Popovich.

The Nets will have plenty of key decisions to make this fall, including who will become their permanent head coach and whether they should package some of their talent in an effort to trade for another impact player. Meanwhile, veteran guard Jamal Crawford was supposed to be a backcourt contributor for the Nets this summer after signing as a substitute player, but has been limited to just six minutes due to a hamstring injury.

According to Vaughn, Crawford may not return before the seeding schedule ends, but the team remains confident he can contribute this summer.

Saudi Crown Prince cancels secret meeting with Netanyahu in Washington of US President Donald Trump will join the first commercial flight from Tel Aviv. Islamic gold coins dating back to the Abbasid period, Israel Hayom reported.

Under the cover of attending meetings of the UN agency, Israeli diplomatic representatives and ministers over the years traveled to the Emirati capital and held meetings with counterparts on mutual interest, while maintaining a diplomatic backchannel. The cover was finally lifted on Aug. Both countries, however, issued statements that this visit does not reflect any change in their positions.

The agreement enables both countries to receive nuclear know-how, materials, and equipment from the US and its allies. In , the Defense News had reported that Israel had granted several GCC states, including the UAE, access to the Israeli-built Eros B satellite and its high-resolution imagery and had begun exporting communication, homeland security, and civilian technology against terrorism.

According to WikiLeaks cable dating to March , Marc Sievers, the political advisor of the US mission in Tel Aviv, mentioned that there was a secret and persistent dialogue between Israel and Gulf countries. In , the relations between the two countries strained after the UAE accused Israeli secret agency Mossad of assassinating the Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in a covert operation in Dubai.

Absurdly, I’m under house arrest for visiting an island with no Covid cases

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The next day she speaks to both of them, and if she finds that one has no interest in a second date, she herself breaks the news. So I decided that there would be no games — everyone would know where they stand.

Tel Aviv: Tel Aviv University. ______. “Contra Bimson, Bietak Says “​Archaeological Data and the Dating of the Patriarchs.” Essays on the Patriarchal​.

Please refresh the page and retry. I am writing this from under house arrest. My crime? Visiting an island that has recorded a grand total of zero coronavirus cases over the course of this pandemic. An isolated ,square-mile landmass in the Indian Ocean on which not a single person has fallen ill from Covid It would be riskier to go to my local supermarket in Essex not that I’m allowed.

Large trove of early Islamic gold coins found in Israel

Home Columns. Posted on : 13 Sep Rawan Damen Filmmaker and Media Consultant This evening, on the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Oslo Accords, a minute documentary about the historic agreement between the Israelis and Palestinians will air on HBO, targeting an American audience. The film claims to feature “never-before-seen” footage shot by the negotiators themselves, which is not true, but this is hardly its main problem.

First, the Tel Dan inscription, from the late 9th century, calls Judah the “House of David New Epigraphic Evidence from the Biblical Period [Tel Aviv: Archaeological David,” a point that makes sense in light of evidence 71 DATING 2 SAMUEL.

The stabbing took place at a junction near Petah Tikva, in central Israel. Police said the suspect, a year-old man from Nablus, fled after stabbing a year-old Israeli man. Palestinians have carried out a series of stabbing, shooting and car-ramming attacks in recent years. Most of the attackers have been young men in their teens or 20s acting alone, and most of the attacks have happened in and around Jerusalem and the West Bank city of Hebron, where tensions run high.

Tens of thousands of Palestinians work in Israel, mainly as laborers in factories and on construction sites. Wages are much higher in Israel than in the West Bank, where the economy has suffered from decades of Israeli military restrictions. Israeli attack helicopters struck observation posts of the militant Hezbollah group along the Lebanon border overnight after shots were fired at Israeli troops operating in the area, the military said Wednesday.

Israel has been bracing for a possible attack by the Iran-backed Lebanese militants since an Israeli airstrike killed a Hezbollah fighter in neighboring Syria on July Israeli troops have also traded fire in recent weeks with the Palestinian militant group Hamas in Gaza. Police have launched a murder investigation after a man was found stabbed to death in a London park.

A guide to Slovenia – Europe’s best-kept secret

A treasure trove, including hundreds of gold coins dating back to around 1, years ago, has been discovered during excavations in the occupied Palestinian territories. The collection of early Islamic, carat gold coins was unearthed by teenage volunteers on August 18 during an excavation in the occupied territories. The coins have been found in an area which once housed the Palestinian village of Yibna, which had a population of 5, in

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This early cave town dates from many hundreds of years BC. Here you will find an ancient theatre, wine cellars, bakeries, and a 3-nave church built in the 10th century. Here lived people from well before the Christian era right through into the 13th century conducting their lives reasonably well-protected from the marauding hordes of neighbouring countries. Highly recommended. Remember to bring good walking or hiking shoes. Since when i saw the pictures of uplistsiche Cave Town in google, I insisted with my fiancee’ that it must have been included in our trip whatever it takes and luckily I managed to persuade her.

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If so, please join The Times of Israel Community. Israeli Shai Ohayon stabbed to death by Palestinian in suspected terror attack. Cops nab suspect at the scene outside Petah Tikva; victim identified as year-old rabbi; assailant said to be 46, father of 6, who had a permit to work in Israel. By TOI staff. By Judah Ari Gross. Live Updated 19min ago.

Tel Aviv Guy, P.L.O. () New Light from Armageddon (OIP 9; Chicago: The University of Chicago Press). Halpern, B. () David’s Secret.

Last week, a group of women gathered outside the building where CK was due to perform to protest his appearance following the allegations of sexual misconduct made against him in Off the , lies a toad hole. You must go to it. Do you understand what self-deprecation means when it comes from somebody who already exists in the margins?

I put myself down in order to speak, in order to seek permission to speak, and I simply will not do that anymore. Not to myself or anybody who identifies with me.

Photos: Large trove of ancient Islamic gold coins unearthed in Israel

Despite the greeting cards that would have you believe otherwise, there is more to Father’s Day than lame jokes about golf. Here are several books about fathers and fatherhood that range from heartfelt to hilarious — with nary a 9-iron in the lot. Good memoirs, combining as they do real-life detail with compelling storytelling, are understandably popular.

And when a memoir is penned by a familiar figure, it’s all the more interesting to walk through the door that’s been opened into childhood. Roberts, the longtime reporter and radio and TV commentator and husband of Cokie Roberts.

‘Oslo Diaries’: Telling the story of Tel Aviv, not Oslo. The documentary claims that the secret Oslo talks were not “officially sanctioned by any party. Movement and Israel’s Labour Party, some dating back to the s. 4.

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Israeli archaeologists announced on Monday the discovery of a trove of early Islamic gold coins found during recent salvage excavations near the central city of Yavne. The collection of complete gold coins, most dating to the Abbasid period around 1, years ago, was a “extremely rare” find, Israel Antiquities Authorities archaeologists Liat Nadav-Ziv and Elie Haddad said in a joint statement. The trove, which was unearthed by youth volunteers, also included hundreds of smaller clippings from gold coins that would have served as smaller denominations.

Robert Kool, a coin expert with the antiquities authority, said an initial analysis indicates the coins date from the late 9th century, considered the golden age of the Abbasid Caliphate that controlled most of the Near East and North Africa.

Anne Frank, whose diary chronicles her two-year stay at a secret annex in · Frankfurt’s Tel Aviv opens socially distanced sail-in movie theater. By TOI staff Israel-UAE deal sparks online zoomance, plans for a lion cub play date. By TOI staff.

In the past year, more than 15 of our participants have decided to stay in Israel. Upon his arrival, he decided to create a way for his friends to experience some of his favorite things in Tel Aviv. Thus Secret Tel Aviv was founded. He often browsed Facebook and noticed his friends joining various pages: Tel Aviv this and Tel Aviv that. He saw that none of these pages were concise or encompassed all the wondrous places and points of interest Tel Aviv has to offer.

From the start Jonathan saw steady progress. Everyone who joined reveled in the wealth of information available to them, and as the years passed, the community expanded rapidly, from a few hundred friends in to more than 50, members by Even though Secret Tel Aviv started out as just a hobby, Stark has taken on the project as a full time commitment.

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Singer R. Kelly unsealed Friday in Chicago includes sex abuse allegations involving a new accuser, adding to the jailed singer’s mounting legal challenges across three states. The count superseding indictment doesn’t add more charges against Kelly. It includes multiple counts of child pornography and isn’t substantially different from the original July indictment, which also had 13 counts.

Man discovers that Secret Tel Aviv is not just a Corona Dating Site” ” Photo by The Daily Freier in Tel Aviv, Israel with @secrettelaviv, and.

The trove, which was unearthed by youth volunteers, also included hundreds of smaller clippings from gold coins that would have served as smaller denominations. Robert Kool, a coin expert with the antiquities authority, said an initial analysis indicates the coins date from the late 9th century, considered the golden age of the Abbasid Caliphate that controlled most of the Near East and North Africa. The discovery was among the largest caches of ancient coins found in Israel. In , amateur divers found around 2, gold coins off the coast of the ancient port city of Caesarea dating to the Fatimid period in the 10th and 11th centuries.

The three patients were a man in his 60s from Tom Green County, a man in his 80s from Concho County, and a man in his 80s from Schleicher County. There was no other information about the patients included in the release. Updated regularly. Skip to content. Israeli archaeologists have announced the discovery of a trove of early Islamic gold coins during recent salvage excavations near the central city of Yavn Tel Aviv.

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A Gate-Shrine Dating to the First Temple Period was Exposed in the Tel Lachish National Park